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Manufacturer holster button.


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Professional mounting hardware buttons, eyelets, jeans buttons and rivet.                                                                                                                  

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Types of s-spring buttons for clothing (buttons alpha)


For General information.

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Device, mounting accessories s-spring buttons.

S-spring button production in Turkey:

Buttons with a diameter of 15 mm.

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Install s-spring buttons. Instruction. Examples of setup buttons.


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Tips for installing s-spring buttons on clothing.

How to remove unnecessary buttons?

Best use bacareza:
To top button

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The types and sizes of ring spring buttons .



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Interchangeable nozzles for installation ring spring buttons.

Apply nozzles for s-spring buttons.

To install the ring of buttons is not necessary to use "native" nozzles.

If the nozzle-punches to ring spring missing You, use the nozzle to install the s-spring. A great result!

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Installation tips ring spring.

 Marriage in detail ring buttons.

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Custom ring spring.

Another design masterpiece is a modification of the ring button.

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Classification jeans buttons and hardware for installation.

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Installation diagram of denim branded buttons nozzles.

Дата обновления: 01/30/2015 - 11:02

Installing denim button on sustainable pedicle without a special extension on the press.


As jeans buttons have different three-dimensional form for each species made its nozzle-punch.

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Installing jeans buttons with rhinestones.


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Installing buttons on a broken leg without special attachments. Jeans buttons with a hole in a sustainable leg.

Installation of the spherical jeans buttons without special attachments.

Installing jeans buttons with a through hole:


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Installing denim button on the dual cloves. Double Jeans Button.

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Removed not needed or broken denim button.


Often happens when on jeans with a broken button on broken leg.  

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How to Installation Pronged Snap Fastentrs. The use of both proprietary device - punches.


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Installation tips Pronged Snap Fastentrs.

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Eyelets button. Installation scheme luverne buttons.


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Installation tips eyelets buttons.

 The most common case: Collapsed lower part of the button.

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Eyelets. For General information. The equipment for installation.


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The scheme of installation of eyelets. Examples of installation of the grommet.

1. To punch a hole in the fabric.

2. To insert a block (part of the eyelet with a leg in the hole.

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Figure eyelets of cast metal: 

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Repair handbags.


Basically it is a replacement grommet in the mounting locations of the handles, as the material of the bag is stretched from excessive loads, the old grommet fall and have to replace them with a larger diameter.

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Repair products with eyelets.


- Round eyelets

Дата обновления: 02/27/2015 - 15:46

Tips for setting eyelets.


: Working with the press

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Shoe blocks. Contrast eyelets.

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How to delete unwanted or defective eyelets:


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Chinese attachment eyelets -  nozzle Turkey for grommet 10 mm (for comparison)

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Recovery grommets large diameter on the clothes.

Often due to the stretching of fabric or leather fall decorative eyelets large diameter.



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Rivets.Tack and burr pocket reinforce. For General information.



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The scheme of installation rivets. Instruction.


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Installation figure rivets.


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Installation double-sided rivets.

Installation double-sided rivets similar to installing one-sided rivets. The double-sided rivet both parts are the front.

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The use of buttons as rivets:

Rivet can make any hat buttons alpha or ring button..

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Fabrication and installation of double sided rivets button.


Дата обновления: 03/17/2015 - 14:58

Installation of rivets with a hole.

Дата обновления: 03/20/2015 - 15:07

Examples of installing rivets:

- Work with the rivets with a diameter of 7 mm.

Дата обновления: 03/21/2015 - 15:23

How to remove rivets from the clothes. Manual.



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Tips for plastic buttons and their installation.



Дата обновления: 03/24/2015 - 15:49

Make yourself nozzle for plastic buttons.




 For the installation of plastic buttons you can make yourself the nozzle.

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Tips for installing and removing the plastic buttons.

The holes for the button:

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Installation hooks on the clothes. For General information.



         This is the button-hook.

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Mounting hardware hooks:


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Setting the hook on the clothes. The scheme of installation of hooks. Manual.



The front part of the button set together with hook

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Manufacturer cover buttons from fabric and leather. Manual



Pulling the buttons from the fabric.

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Manufacturer cover buttons with metal ring.


Cover buttons with metal rim.

Decorative cover the buttons.

To decorate pulling buttons are used rings of anodized metal like gold and Nickel.

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Cover buttons. Nozzles-punches presses for percussion.

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Manufacturer double cover buttons, manual.


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Varieties cover buttons.

- Blank Square

(On the nozzle-plug no information)

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Installation of plastic buttons.

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