Installing jeans buttons with rhinestones.



To install jeans buttons with accents of crystals produced special nozzles punches.

If such devices have not have entered otherwise.

Apply nozzles for position: stand with flat surface and upper guide + substrate made of 4 layers of fabric, pieces of felt, felt or something like.

I. Marking and punching holes
II. Installation in the press. Under the button puts several layers of fabric.
III. Smooth pressing the lever press. Ready

Note: Jeans buttons with rhinestones European manufacture have a solid insert and do not require additional devices.

In denim button-down made in China as inserts sometimes use low-quality plastic, which when the load is cracking and falling to pieces.

Other installation options denim buttons with rhinestones:

For each size rhinestones choose your stand, the inner diameter of the stand should be slightly larger or the same size as the rhinestones.

For buttons with little rhinestones fit any stand.


Note: When installing these buttons very long denim carnations may damage the button and squeeze the rhinestone. Should carefully select the length denim carnations and if it needs to be shortened.