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Install s-spring buttons (buttons alpha) manually at home means at hand.

In the case of the instrument will always find something to install the button.
For example: Phillips screwdriver, thick nails, bolts, etc.

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How to remove buttons from the clothes. Remove s-spring button (the alpha button).

1. These buttons are the easiest to remove side cutters, flat cheeks

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How to installing the ring spring (No. 61) manually at home.

Mark the mounting location of the buttons, punch holes in fabric or leather.

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How to remove unwanted or defective ring spring button.


 In the right side cutters with the flat side.

Then start to work.

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Installation of eyelets manually at home. How to install grommets manually.

Lesson laborious, requiring patience and perseverance, if you want to set it so that it looked like a factory.

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How to delete unwanted or defective eyelets.


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Installation Pronged Snap Fastentrs manually at home.


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Removing and restoring Pronged Snap Fastentrs.


How to remove the Pronged Snap Fastentrs?

Easy and simple with the help of a flat screwdriver

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Adjusting the fixing Pronged Snap Fastentrs.


 Tapered rod (manual punch) slightly increase the diameter of the splitting of a button.

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Install rivets on clothing house improvised means.

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How to remove rivet on clothing.

Remove unnecessary rivet:


The best way to remove one, and surprisingly uniform - with bacareza. I recommend removing rivet to produce on the reverse side of the product, less risk of damaging the front surface of the fabric.


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Install brass snap systems or bubble snap buttons manually at home.

Brass snap systems consists of 4 parts.

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Remove brass snap systems or bubble snap buttons on clothing.

Carefully parsed brass snap systems from the inside, that would not damage the front part of the button and the clothing material.

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Installation of shirt buttons (Baby Snap System) manually at home.


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How to remove unnecessary Baby Snap System? Restoring Baby Snap System.

The first way to remove buttons:

With a small screwdriver hooked the edge of the button and turn slightly right and left until the button is released. So remove the upper and lower parts of the Baby Snap System.


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How to install jeans buttons with your hands?

Dimensions (diameter) denim buttons: 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 26mm, 30mm, 40mm. (Has a value in the selection buttons under the loop on the product)

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How to remove, delete, jeans button with the service.

Remove the remains of jeans buttons:

A typical case. On jeans with a broken button on a broken leg.

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If you broke jeans button, but I want to set it back in place.                  
Option a: Denim button on sustainable stem from cast metal.

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From buttons do denim button.  Making buttons, jeans button.


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How to make ring spring buttons of coins and buttons.

Manufacturer of facial detail buttons.

This will require polyteny with a diameter of 7 or 9mm or carnation denim

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Fabrication and installation of mounting buttons manually in the home.

How to make pulling the buttons manually.

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Очередное изобретение джинсовой пуговицы!


«Оригинально» выполненная джинсовая пуговица с лицевой частью на резьбе.

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Замена бегунков (слайдеров, собачек) на не разъемных молниях в сапогах, комбинезонах, рюкзаках.

Советы собраны на просторах Интернета!

. Этот способ, и правда, требует сноровки, но достаточно быстрый.

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