How to remove rivet on clothing.


Remove unnecessary rivet:


The best way to remove one, and surprisingly uniform - with bacareza. I recommend removing rivet to produce on the reverse side of the product, less risk of damaging the front surface of the fabric.


Rivet flat with a diameter of 9 or 7 mm (Slightly hooked on the front side, then from the inside of the produced final destruction)

Rivet with strati on tubular leg

Rivet with strati on denim cloves.

Rivet curly (with a knob)

Note: For convenience, purchase side cutter with maximally flat cheeks.

Unfortunately, mainly in the sale of such cutter, with a deep groove. Have on a grinding wheel to remove excess metal and to make the surface of bacareza flat.

In the extreme case, you can use nail clippers

Need to know: - they will be permanently ruined and when a large force can break.

Use a nail to use is if hainichen installed on aluminum carnations.

View from the inside:

This denim carnations You can eat.

And if polyteny made of "cast" metal the carnations just "POPs up" from the rivet.

If the product is installed metal denim carnations with this view: the nail clippers are not worth using, You simply will break.