Install s-spring buttons (buttons alpha) manually at home means at hand.


In the case of the instrument will always find something to install the button.
For example: Phillips screwdriver, thick nails, bolts, etc.  In order to make a hole for the button, use a thick awl or nail. If the fabric is synthetic - Shyla (nail) can be heated and make a hole. Next

collect button and start the process.
 The first step is to expand the cylindrical part of any suitable buttons


Then matches the diameter of the bolt or other cylindrical rod finally
   resultshowever pin button.  
The install button, it is desirable to produce a smooth wooden surface.
 Try not to break the button.  So to break the button, it just fall apart. Especially need to work carefully with buttons similar designs   These buttons are easily destroyed.
Proceed to installation of the lower part of the button.
  In a wooden block with a drill make a depression
The diameter and depth of the excavation must correspond with button detail.

Collect item, top overlay bar and knock with a hammer.
If you want to repeatedly use this device, it is best to use solid wood and deepening to do with the front-end part of the bar.
This operation can be done using the installation tool shirt buttons
Detail buttons installed, but slightly deformed. If it does not matter, you can use this method.


The upper part of the button is fixed by expanding stud buttons

If you don't have a drill and other devices, you'll have to use some from a cylindrical object. For example: cap key with a diameter of 6mm or nut diameter 8 mm
The lower part of the button is slightly deformed, but if does not matter, then the result is positive.
The lower part of the button might look like this.  But the principle remains the same.

Also be aware that manufacturers produce different diameters buttons having different diameters as external, internal.
When you install button be careful not to damage the spring. The diameter of the cylindrical rod for expanding the buttons should not be greater than the distance between the spring button.
Also when installing the buttons you need to consider the diameter of the round rod of the front buttons.