How to make ring spring buttons of coins and buttons.


Manufacturer of facial detail buttons.

This will require polyteny with a diameter of 7 or 9mm or carnation denim

and the details button ring snap.

Schematically ring button installed on the clothes.



For the manufacture of buttons from coins anywhere on the coins of the drilled hole.


Punched a hole in the skin or tissue and collect button.

Set the button on the smooth wooden surface of any metal rod.

The diameter of the rod must be less than the Cup of a button.



So the button will look on Your product.



Install the lower part of the button.

Collect the details button.

Pre-make a hole in the tissue (skin)

Pre-tapered rod expandable tubular part of the button.


Using a metal rod and a hammer fixed button detail.

The diameter of the rod must be less than the inner part of the button.

From small coins You can make rivets - polyteny.



Make buttons from simple buttons.

Make buttons from buttons as well as the coins.

Cut off the leg buttons and the drilled hole. Set the button as described earlier.


As simple buttons can be used for making buttons with poloskei or frame.

Take an ordinary button and installed along with the button.