Fabrication and installation of mounting buttons manually in the home.


How to make pulling the buttons manually.

A. Pulling the button out of fabric to make easy. Cut a piece of fabric the size you want.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r1.jpg

Then thread pull together the edges of the fabric to the center of the button.

Comparison pulling buttons.
On the left is made on the equipment, on the right - hand-crafted and it is not so large.

B. Cut the workpiece from the tissue (skin) of the required size.  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r4.jpg
The circumference of doing the splitting.         http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r5.jpg
Glue the petals, slightly pulling the tissue (skin).     http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r6.jpg


Get the desired result.       http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r7.jpg

Installed click on the clothes.


The details of the ring buttons, making them easier to install.



Schematically ring button installed on the clothes looks like this:    http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r9.jpg


Collect button to install.



Before you install button round tapered rod extensible cylindrical part of the button.



Should look like a tube button.    http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r12.jpg


Set the button on the smooth wooden surface with any round metal rod.   http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r13.jpg


The diameter of the rod must be less than the Cup of a button.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r14.jpg


Install the lower part of the button.

Collect the details button.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r15.jpg        http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/r16.jpg  

With the beginning will make a hole in the fabric in the setup button.


Pre-tapered rod expandable tubular part of the button.



Using a metal rod and a hammer fixed button detail.   


The diameter of the rod must be less than the inner part of the button.