How to remove unwanted or defective ring spring button.



 In the right side cutters with the flat side.

Then start to work.

To top button

Deformiruem. a Cup of buttons, not much jamming the cutter, rotatable in 90° angle several times. The button is removed without damaging the fabric.


For the lower part of the button is a little more complicated - it is important to capture bocaraton click on diameter and maximum wide angle.

Crushed relentlessly. Then input one cheek of bacareza under the base of the button and gently compressed. For once, can not turn out, crumple the metal, while the details are not rassadina. Practice will succeed.    


Often a situation arises when you need to remove a few buttons that would sew a new castle in the jacket or jacket. Then the bottom part of the button you need to reinstall.