How to install jeans buttons with your hands?


Dimensions (diameter) denim buttons: 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 26mm, 30mm, 40mm. (Has a value in the selection buttons under the loop on the product)

Depending on the type of jeans buttons it is set on a special denim carnations:
 a) with a circular notch,
b) smooth all-metal,
C) smooth metal tubular


Types of jeans buttons and how to install them.

1. Sustainable leg  


Typically, this metal shell filled with durable plastic. The button is installed on denim carnations with a circular notch.  
In the setup buttons pierced fabric (leather) hand punch, awl or nail. Inserted denim carnations. And hammered like a common nail, but not with full force.

Jeans buttons on sustainable pedicle most durable in operation and easy to install.
Also produced denim buttons on a plastic base. Without the metal casing. Require special attention during installation. When driving carnation denim must comply with precise alignment, otherwise the button will break up. Better not mess with such products.

2. Jeans buttons on sustainable leg with hole

Manufacturers of buttons is recommended to install them on the smooth denim cloves. Metal
or tubular.  So how to install buttons on these carnations difficult, you must comply with precise alignment, you can use denim nail with a circular notch.  Installed exactly the same as in the above described case. But additionally replusive the tip carnation denim after installation.
in order to permanently fix the denim carnations.


If you are installing on a smooth denim carnations, it is often longer than it necessary.
 Acoraceae carnations using pliers to the required length.

And installed with a bolt diameter  5 mm              


The installation produced on the front side buttons on a metal surface.

3. Jeans buttons on broken leg

The installation of the buttons do on the smooth wooden surface.

Set on denim nail with smooth shank. Or on a metal tubular carnations.
When setting buttons (driving with a hammer) it is difficult to observe the alignment



Need a tube with an inner diameter of 9-10mm,length 30-40mm and a rod - bolt with a smooth cap with a diameter of 9 mm, a length of 60mm.

Scored denim carnations, tested, pulled on the set button.                                               

It is also necessary to take into account the length of the standard denim cloves depending on the thickness of the fabric, in the setup buttons.

The thinner the fabric, the less should be the length of cloves. The length of the standard all-metal denim cloves 10-12mm, length metal tubular cloves usually 8 mm.
If you want carnations acoraceae to the required length pliers.

4. Jeans buttons on a broken leg with a hole:

Set on smooth all-metal aluminum denim wholesale
 or on a metal tubular carnations. Set on a flat wooden or metal surface.
Pierce the tissue (skin) in place, insert denim carnations.
If the nail is long, extra bite them.    What would a good rasklapanje, the top you can grind off the file.
The set button.


Consider a cylindrical rod with a diameter of 4-5 mm, can an ordinary bolt and hammered with a hammer.


This button can be installed on denim carnations with a circular notch.


Hammering a nail, as described above.

Replusive the tip denim cloves..

It is difficult to install these jeans buttons on the metal tubular carnation denim. They are made of steel, the fragment will need to devote considerable effort. Failure to follow the alignment, it is possible to deform the button itself carnations.
Conclusion: the easiest way to install this type of jeans buttons on the smooth aluminum carnations.

5. Jeans buttons on the dual cloves .

Features a solid bottom legs of the buttons.

The basis buttons pierced double denim nail. Rods cloves bend towards each other.

 The main drawback of this kind of buttons is often breaks off one of the antennae-studs fastening.
To install manually is easy: the Awl punched two holes on the back side of the buttons.

Procalim the nail cloth,worn on his button, and the ends of the studs is folded around a narrow screwdriver into the inside of the buttons.