How to remove buttons from the clothes. Remove s-spring button (the alpha button).


1. These buttons are the easiest to remove side cutters, flat cheeks

Gently squeeze the button, then turn the cutter at an angle of 90 ° and again squeeze (as though squeezing it out), and so a few times until the button to collapse. If you try to remove the button in one step that can permanently damage the fabric.

After you remove button to poltronas the install button is not suitable.



2. Asian buttons

So as buttons Asian production are made of thinner metal than the European, they can simply remove the pliers.

Compressible button pliers, turn the pliers at an angle of 90 and again compressed, if necessary, repeat the operation several times.  7

  Do not try this method to remove Turkish or European buttons

You can ruin clothing.

3. The drilling. This method should be applied very carefully, as they may be wound on a drill fabric products and irrevocably to spoil it. It is necessary to use a drill if you want to reuse the spring part of the button or other way there is no possibility to delete the button.

We clamp pliers spring part button:

Used drill Ø3,mm

You need to drill flared portion of the face of the button. From it will remain such a small ring.

After this button is easily removed.

The spring part of the button you can use to reinstall.

4. Decorative composite buttons are easily dealt with by using bacareza.

If there is no bacareza, you can pry with a screwdriver with a flat spatula, turn it at a 90° angle. Try not to damage the fabric.

5. Remove the lower part of the button:

Remove using diagonal cutters.

Do not try to eat for once, hit the item button, then turned bacares at an angle of 90° and again squeezed several times.  All You get!

Note: to qualitatively establish the hardware will be able only in the Studio or workshop at the appropriate professional equipment.