Installing denim button on the dual cloves. Double Jeans Button.


Features a solid bottom legs of the buttons. Which is then pierced double denim nail. Antennae cloves, under the influence of the nozzle, bent towards each other.
Installation scheme:
 The main drawback of this kind of buttons is often breaks off one of the antennae-studs fastening.

To install manually is easy: the Awl punched two holes on the back side of the buttons.
Procalim the nail cloth,worn on his button, and the ends of the studs is folded around a narrow screwdriver into the inside of the buttons.
But still try to avoid the installation of Double Jeans Button, it is possible that the button will fall off and You will be at fault.

Another option denim button on the dual cloves  You can install even with a hammer. But when the destruction of carnation denim button can not be restored.