Interchangeable nozzles for installation ring spring buttons.


Apply nozzles for s-spring buttons.

To install the ring of buttons is not necessary to use "native" nozzles.

If the nozzle-punches to ring spring missing You, use the nozzle to install the s-spring. A great result!

Change only the lower part of the nozzle.
Conclusion: one set of nozzles - punch s-spring, you can install two types of buttons.

But attachments for the ring spring button is not possible to set the button's spring.

Please note that the attachments button №61 "Tayci" you can install only the standard details buttons with an inner diameter of 4.2 mm and a tubular stargram diameter 4mm


One of the features of circular buttons is that instead of the lower part of the button you can set the front part of the button, because they are interchangeable.


Install ring spring with a diameter of 10.5 mm

The installation of these buttons can be made without the use of native punches.

To install ring spring buttons with a diameter of 10.5 mm is used nozzles production in Turkey to set the button's spring diameter of 12.5 mm L-12 ”Tayci”.
- caps with a diameter of 12.5 mm is used, the nozzle L-12 “Tayci”

- caps with a diameter of 15 mm is used, the corresponding lower nozzle set L-15 "Tayci"
  For buttons with hat large diameter is used, any suitable flat stand.