Installation figure rivets.



    - To install curly rivets with a convex face

requires additional nozzle this nozzle for denim rivets №2
(If you remove the plastic shield - you can set rivets of any diameter)

This type rivets you can put any cap with a flat platform
But rivets be slightly flattened.
If you put native showerhead, the result is much better and the center of the rivet remains rounded.

Note: When installing figured rivets on several layers of fabric often is a small deformation of the rivet.
  Fixed by the nozzle to install buttons with a diameter of 12.5 mm
 Re-breakable on the press, and the edge of the rivet become smooth. This nozzle set and the other curly rivets and such


Rivets made of cast metal are mounted in any suitable set of nozzles of punches.


Example: Setting a rectangular rivet.

Square alloy rivets  to install any suitable set of nozzles.

Punched hole rivet.

The upper attachment No. 3 to a diameter of 7 mm, the lower part of the attachment of the buttons dia. 15 mm or 12.5 mm