Tips for setting eyelets.



: Working with the press

And in any case do not push with all his strength. If you push with all your strength , you get the same result as the hammer blow.

The thickness of the material plays a minor role. As soon as the resistance on the handle is increased (the tube of the eyelet stopped flattened), stop. The eyelet has tied together the entire thickness of the material. Of course the thicker the material softens excessive force. But on thin materials can and to push through the fabric, if you apply excessive force.

Experiment with the load on the press. If you push and the eyelet is not resultshowever, slightly increase the force until the handle smoothly will not go down.

Why when installing deform the grommet:

- If You noticed, in the beginning chapters were listed diameters grommet manufactured by various companies.

But the impression that each firm produces its eyelets that when nominally equal diameters differ from the eyelets of the other manufacturers at least a few tenths or hundredths of millimeters. So do not be surprised that the result is having a nozzle, for example, to install the grommet 5mm diameter will not get very good results (deformation, beading with notches, and so on)

In some cases helps to replace the upper part of the nozzle to a greater or lesser diameter. For example: take the lower part of the attachment eyelet holes with a diameter of 5mm, and the upper part of the nozzle with a diameter of 6mm or Vice versa. You can use 2-3 eyelet to select the optimal variant, on a separate piece of fabric or leather.

Sometimes the grommet during installation still resultsbecause with notches on the wrong side.In this case, a little doimain eyelets to the end, and then rythem these shortcomings small hammer, lightly tapping, holding the hammer at a slight angle. This is best done on a piece of thick rubber, type conveyor belt. (If no rubber, richtaste on soft wood, it is important not to squeeze the front part)

Carry on the wrong side of the eyelet of a finger, if we line clings else, but without fanaticism. You get a good result




Do not perform experiments on the product of the customer. First, check the installation of questionable eyelets on an unnecessary piece of fabric to achieve the required result and only then go and execution of the order.


- Increase the diameter of the ring eyelet


- It may happen that the ring eyelet proved to be of smaller diameter than the block or blocks due to incorrect configuration.

Bocaraton dissected ring
and set into place.


-Magnet to help


- Stainless eyelets are made of non-ferrous metals do not corrode, they are easy to distinguish from the eyelets are made of steel with a magnet. In any case, advise the customer not to wash things with eyelets using powder containing bleaching agents.

No small magnet to always have on hand, Prilepin it to the frame of the press and having fastened to it need fine detail,  for example, eyelet rings, speeds up the process.

- When working with large amounts of eyelets count into a suitable box required number of parts, it takes less time than one thing to get them out of the package installation process.

- Applied "not native" nozzle - punches

On presses Turkish production company Veltex, strong, Ultratex....) you can use the nozzle-punches from the company Protos. As the punches from the company Protos are threaded slightly smaller than the nozzle production in Turkey, with a slight modification, using Teflon tape for plumbing or electrical tape, they can easily use in their work.

- If there is no alignment of the press?


On my press has no precise alignment although they work for several years. What to do: do not dobrusevo thread the upper part of the nozzle to 2 turns and during installation guide nozzle, as if slightly hold his hand. Unfortunately the Turkish equipment such sometimes happens.


- Punching

Special attention - is paid in the process of punching holes for the eyelets to secure the punch on the markup, inspect the lower part of the product (under the punch) is the probability of formation of folds, You can imprudent to punch a hole in a totally not the right place, thus spoiling the product, and what it means can guess .

Good luck to You and do not make extra holes on the product of the customer.


Eyelets for bags.  Round stamped. Easily installed and just as easily fall apart.


- All of the cast metal, samozaselilsa, with a plastic insert. Also very easy to install and even easier to fall apart.

In the extreme case, you can put glue on the Moment. Some time will last.

- Eyelets round out the cast metal mounting screws.
Fastening durable, wear-resistant. But it requires careful attention to the nuts, as they are periodically spin up.

Regular inspection. You can Unscrew the screw, drop in the hole glue (Time) and re-tighten. How long will last this mount neizvestno.

Second option: one or all the nuts irretrievably lost. Installed instead of the screw stem from polytene diameter 7mm or 9mm (depending on what would be suitable) В least on any denim carnations. I.e. to install this part on any suitable fastening detail.  Because inside the eyelet thread provides strong fixation elements.