Recovery grommets large diameter on the clothes.


Often due to the stretching of fabric or leather fall decorative eyelets large diameter.



Using a flat head screwdriver to unbend cylinder grommet around the circumference.

Then use the pliers to further straighten the cylinder wall of the grommet. The circumference of the cylinder scissors do cut through an equal distance.

Use the pliers to compress the cylinder grommet, reducing its diameter.


Screwdriver we hook the ring of the grommet and remove it.


The second option if you don't want to do the splitting cylinder, you can just cut the ring of the grommet. (When you reinstall the strength of the grommet is not affected)


Install the grommet into place.


Use the pliers to turn down the rim of the grommet to the outside.


Small hammer finally resultshowever the grommet.


The view from the front.


If the grommet from thick metal, the cylinder grommet straighten with pliers from the inside of the product.