Installation of eyelets, with a wide flange. Installation of eyelets with rhinestones. Oval eyelets. Installation.


To install the grommet with a wide flange (round, square, hexagonal, and so on) use the nozzle - punches the appropriate form for each type of grommet. All devices are manufactured in the factory.

In the absence of such nozzles - punches you can find a way.

As nozzles-punches you can use the same nozzle as that for the conventional grommet. Enough to find each additional washer - ring with an appropriate inner diameter.


With this simple device you can install the eyelet holes of any shape. Unfortunately the flange of the eyelet will get a flat shape. 

Next, install the grommet in the usual manner.


Installation of eyelets with rhinestones.

 Used mainly in female clothing. When you have the proper equipment installed easily and simply.

The nozzle is of Chinese origin, are eyelets without problems. Used primarily for the repair of products in exchange drawn eyelet.

Please note: products are made of light fabric and knitted fabric of the place of installation of the grommet must not glue elastic doubleroom.


Installation scheme:


In essence eyelets with rhinestones is ordinary eyelets which are mounted on the contrary (inside out)

  On the front part of the product itself decorative eyelet, from the inside - blocks. You can install any attachment for the eyelets, of a suitable size.

The main thing that would flare looked decent:



Oval eyelets


On sale the size from 5 to 33 mm, the size of the eyelet is determined by the internal maximum distance.

Consists of two parts: external and internal. Officially, the installation is made using punches (for each size of eyelet its matrix-punch)   

It is also necessary to acquire the appropriate punches:

To set oval eyelets manually, Rasulov internal shelf grommets improvised tool, pre-cut for installation of the corresponding hole with the tips of sharp scissors.


This type oval eyelets used in the garment industry.

For car tents and sails uses a different type of oval grommet installed special nozzles.