Fabrication and installation of double sided rivets button.



Use caps buttons with a diameter of 15 and 12.5 mm.
- Not recommended for very dense tissue (2-3 layers),http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah152.jpg
Shared cylinders parts and clampable in the press.

Guaranteed high strength clutch parts.

For thicker fabrics or several layers of the skin is also used hats buttons 15 и 12,5 mm.  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah153.jpg 
and aluminum denim carnations between them http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah154.jpg

a) two hats buttons with a diameter of 15 mm,

b) two hats buttons with a diameter of 12.5 mm,

C) hat button 15 mm and hat buttons with a diameter of 12.5 mm

Training details: we take aluminum denim carnations and slightly by about 1/3, with the help of a hammer driven it in a straw hat buttons with a diameter of 12.5 mm.  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah155.jpg                     
Then bocaraton bite them base carnation denim.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah156.jpg   http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah157.jpg     
 Bilateral hainichen ready for installation.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah158.jpg  
The diagram position: Bottom nozzle caps with a diameter of 15 mm, top unijne part of the nozzle 12,5 mm is Possible and Vice versa. The result is the same. Set the details of our rivets in a pre-punched hole in the fabric ( leather, canvas and so on)

Hold.  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah159.jpg
And get the result http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah160.jpg   Obverse and reverse  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah161.jpg  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah162.jpg
P. S. - if you set the details of the buttons on a thick layer of fabric or leather as rivets, without installing aluminum rod that will get this result http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah163.jpg i.e. the parts among themselves are not connected. It is an additional rod, rasklinivanie, creates a strong connection details rivets.

Bilateral rivets manufacture of hats buttons with a diameter of 12.5 mm and hats of rivets diameter 9mm.    http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah164.jpg
Before installation, it is desirable that the tubular part of the button to expand slightly sharp cone http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah165.jpg
To install used the bottom nozzle for a button with a diameter of 12.5 mmhttp://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah166.jpg
и верхнюю насадку для rivet диаметром 9мм  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah167.jpg

 For double sided rivets from hats buttons with a diameter of 15mm used parts from bilateral rivets diameter 9 mm
http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah168.jpg When installing use the lower part of the nozzle for a button with a diameter of 15mmhttp://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah168a.jpg
and the upper part of the attachment rivets with a diameter of 9mm http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah169.jpg or blank http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah170.jpg  if not important view of the reverse side.
Get great result and rigid fixation of rivets.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah171.jpg  http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah172.jpg   (made in Russia)
Often a situation arises when it is necessary to establish two-way conventional rivets, and there is only one-sided.

Proceed as follows, two-sided rivets do one-sided.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah173.jpg
Often it is necessary when repair handbags.

Bocaraton bite them jeans carnations. It turns out this design http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah176.jpg
Then a typical installation of the product.

The result http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah177.jpghttp://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/ah178.jpg