Tips for installing and removing the plastic buttons.


The holes for the button:

Before installing the buttons need to make a hole. Try not to use a punch. For thin and the knitted fabric is best to use an awl. Making a puncture awl , You do not tear the fibers, but only pushing them. That would be enough to push the rod buttons.
And further: If the fabric is very thin. When you install button flattened rod front part of the button just doesn't fit into the inner part of the button. Proceed as follows - cut part of the stem of the button, and carry out the installation in the usual manner.

The space for the installation of the button have to be produblirovany dense adhesive fabric ( not knitted), otherwise the thin fabric over time will spread in place of punching the holes for the button. These buttons can be set to the product of a dense knitted fabric, provided that the place of installation. tissue adhesive materials. Instead of the punch hole under applied a thick awl.


How to remove unnecessary buttons:


Plastic buttons are easily removed by bacareza. To disassemble the buttons better on the reverse side of the product, so as not to deteriorate the appearance of the product.       
Please: do Not attempt one method to remove the button, can damage the fabric. You should gently squeeze the button, then rotating bacares at an angle of 90° shrink again and so 3-4 times. Then a click and the button will collapse.