Eyelets button. Installation scheme luverne buttons.


                 http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk2.jpg    http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk3.jpg            
Eyelets button (button Beta) close relative button ring button (No. 61)http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk4.jpg

  Eyelets button differ not only in material, but also put on them to the floor:

• metal, stainless steel, uncoated. A possible way of processing - polishing;

• brass parts without coating. As the surface treatment used chemical passivation;

• copper parts uncoated. As the surface treatment used chemical passivation;

• steel bracket with plated.

Main color luverne buttons : Nickel, black Nickel oxide (black), antique (bronze), gold-plated.

Additionally, many companies manufacturing service order Eyelets buttons with your own logo.http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/lk5.jpg
And usually in wide sale not do.

For the face of the button apply different finishes, she generally round shape (with rare exception).

The main dimensions of the front duvernoy buttons:    http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk7.jpg
But the size of the facial parts is probably much more and more they are decorative in nature.

Basic dimensions :
But in fact, these dimensions more. The impression that each manufacturer produces its size

Traditionally button consists of four parts:http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk10.jpg


Device (punches) to install luverne buttons.

Installation scheme luverne buttons.


To install luverne buttons are special nozzles.

The nozzle of the Turkish industry: the upper part of the nozzle has a 6 mm inch thread.         http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk11.jpg
Installation scheme: - the front part of the button; B - lower part of the button.                              
Nozzles of Chinese origin: the upper part of the nozzle has an 8mm metric thread
 Installation scheme: - the front part of the button; B - lower part of the button.
                                                            А                                    Б                            
Sufficient to have only one size luverne buttons.     http://club-snap.su/sites/default/files/art_img/alk15.jpg
The installation of these buttons on the new products do not only use for repair.

The fact that by setting the data button on the new product, and then, if there is a desire to establish a regular button, it will be difficult. Because when you install luverne buttons necessary to break through the large openings.


And if you wish to install other ordinary button to do so without prior sewing repairs cannot be done.