Classification jeans buttons and hardware for installation.


- Types of jeans buttons

1. Sustainable leg

Typically, this metal shell filled with high-impact plastic, is mounted on denim carnations with a circular notch (Threaded Nail)
Also produced denim buttons on a plastic base require special attention during installation).

2. In a sustainable stem with hole

for fastening applies denim carnations c smooth shank and a pointed tip made of aluminium or metallic denim wholesale

Both hold the button well.

Note: On an aluminum nail to put the buttons in the main manufacturers from China and Turkey (consumer goods).

On branded jeans (or firm) install metallic pinks logo manufacturer

3.  On broken leg   

Set on denim nail with smooth shank.

4. on a broken leg with a hole

5. Buttons on the dual cloves: (Double Jeans Button) (Double Nail)


Cap Diameter

14 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 23 mm, 24 mm, 25 mm, 27 mm, 29mm, 30mm, 40 mm

Equipment for installation of jeans buttons:

   1. Press manual of any model (see "Overview of the presses")
2. Nozzles, plungers,

3. Punches for fabric.


The main types of nozzles-punches: for flat denim buttons, sustainable and broken leg.  for jeans buttons with rhinestones, with a special recess under the decorative insert. for jeans buttons with a hole on the broken and sustainable pedicle.

Actually nozzles - punches much more.

Examples of nozzles-punches European and Asian manufacturers:

And this part of the nozzle is designed for installation carnation denim, without pre-punching holes in the fabric of the product.

Note: must be exact centering of the press.

 3. It is also necessary to have:

Forceps - punch, preferably firms BEKER (Germany)

Do not recommend buying forceps-punch, the production of China-Taiwan, it is only an imitation of the working tool: 
You need to buy the same hand punch
More efficient and more mobile to work with forceps. Manual punch is useful in those areas of the product where it is not possible to reach pliers.

To work with manual punch right stand, preferably made of hard plastic, brass or hard rubber (conveyor belt).