Removed not needed or broken denim button.



Often happens when on jeans with a broken button on broken leg.

 Property of this type of jeans buttons-often under increased strain to jump from peg.

Removal of the buttons. Removable bocaraton in one motion, just had a snack remaining rod.

 Then re-install the new denim button.

Removed unnecessary or defective denim button.

1) Button on a broken leg:

Snack basis of jeans buttons, and it is falling apart.

If you disassemble the button on the reverse side of the product, you can damage the fabric.

2) Denim button on sustainable stalk:
First snack leg buttons, side cutter flip face down. Then had a snack what is left. With this method of removal buttons fabric jeans absolutely not damaged.                                          

3) Remove kabarnya button.

Often kabarnya buttons mounted on the mounting screws, but there are exceptions.  Kabarnya button is usually screws. But sometimes the installation is made by the method of riveting

As kabarnya made of cast metal, to eat bocaraton impossible, had to remove from the inside. The main thing is not to damage the fabric. Gently compressed bocaraton, periodically turning it at an angle of 90°.

Sewing repair jeans in installation locations for the buttons.

Common problem:
Bring the product to install jeans buttons, and there on the spot buttons just a hole. Button pulled "meat"

Well if there is Atelier repair service. You need to zastosuvati" on the sewing machine, manual darn undesirable, because when punching the holes. You cut yarn darning and button will tumble

. Set button c calculation, in order to close the place darning on jeans.

What set the plastic ring.

In the garment industry when installing jeans buttons, as compensator using plastic shiboski. They serve to prevent mechanical damage to the tissue in the place of installation , as the installation is automated equipment and it is not always possible to precisely adjust the force of impact.

Plastic washers do not serve the strengthening of the fabric in the place of installation of jeans buttons. Therefore, when manually installing them does not necessarily apply.