Installing denim button on sustainable pedicle without a special extension on the press.



As jeans buttons have different three-dimensional form for each species made its nozzle-punch.


But denim button on sustainable pedicle can be a snap to install with a hammer.

For example: that's right.

Unfortunately there is a chance that You will damage the front part of the shape buttons.

For this method of installation, you need to pick up only the buttons with a flat face.


Set denim buttons to press.
Mounting accessories: any stand with a flat surface and upper guide which You prefer to work. You can use this item with a coin.
I. Marking and punching holes
II. Installation of hand pump.
 III. Press - Ready !
Note: Special care follow when installing plastic denim buttons
If denim carnations will include a button, even at a slight angle, the button will break. Keep accurate alignment when installing this type of buttons.

To install surround denim buttons you want to apply a stand of suitable size.  For example eyelets large diameter or other ring stand.


To install jeans buttons with little relief figure, you can simply put a few layers of fabric.