Installation of rivets with a hole.


Rivets with a hole mounted on tubular metal denim cloves, selecting the appropriate color:
The hole in the rivet has a conical shape.  After expanding carnation denim, at the expense of this form of rivet hole fixed. Factory nozzles to apply this type rivets, unfortunately, is not met. You can adapt the available tools.

Option A: Detail of the nozzle for plastic buttons

Hold on the press, here is the result:

Option B: Details of the nozzle to install the alpha buttons with a diameter of 10mm:

In the absence of suitable nozzles, you can make your own or order the Turner. Hole diameter 2.5 mm, depth 1.5 mm.
If not, tubular denim studs, you have to use aluminum nails. Apply to be either shortened nails rivets or shorten denim carnations with bacareza or pliers.