Installing buttons on a broken leg without special attachments. Jeans buttons with a hole in a sustainable leg.



   Apply the same set of devices, as for jeans buttons with a steady foot.
 Marking and punching holes
 Inserted in the previously punched hole carnations
Combine carnations with a hole buttons
Click on the press. Ready! With spherical buttons do the same, but using matrix-eyelets.

For this purpose, use the eyelet holes with a diameter of 22 mm (inner size eyelet) 2 pieces, nested into each other (for strength) .   or a rubber ring of suitable diameter. The diameter of the ring should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the buttons.

Installing jeans buttons with a through hole:


To install the buttons with a through hole, you can use the fixture, adapted from the attachment eyelets No. 5 Tayci” In the lower part of the nozzle unscrewed the screws, removed the spring, inserted a metal rod, spun, @ eldanor: first press on, until, finally, the movable pin not been detected in the very top position.

Alternatively, you can use the attachment for eyelets No. 6 “Tayci ” You can simply drill a universal attachment on a lathe, with a projecting part with a height of 4 mm and a diameter of 5 mm


Jeans buttons with a hole in a sustainable leg.  
 Installation scheme: The sequence of operations described above.

Note: Aluminum denim carnations are often longer than necessary.
 Acoraceae using bacareza to the required length.  .

2. jeans buttons with a hole, on a broken leg:  Installation scheme
All setup operations described above.