Setting the hook on the clothes. The scheme of installation of hooks. Manual.




The front part of the button set together with hook  punched hole.

Further, if necessary (and it often) slightly expandable cylindrical portion of the button  with a hammer and dowel (Kerner or beard).


And immediately set the hook available-nozzle.
It may happen that the cylindrical portion of the button did not rasvalivalas to the end and left some burrs and irregularities.
Correct this error by using a flat head screwdriver 
 Set up a screwdriver inside the hook and additionally squeezes the nozzle. If you don't have a screwdriver, put the coin.  The area of the expansion stroke is longer and consequently increasing the strength of the installed parts.

Then go to install the lower parts  Install by using the same nozzle, which was established and the hook itself. As the bottom of the stand use the nozzle to install any button
If You don't have enough details to set set the hook, you can use the details button from No. 61 (ring)
If the cylindrical part of the workpiece is longer than necessary, it should be shortened. Cm. above - as acrobatically button.

In the case of poor wide enough to enclose the blade of a screwdriver and re-push.   
 Similarly installed and Turkish hooks.
Often have to repair: i.e. the installation of one of the parts of the hook. New products orders are rare. Many customers simply do not know what is the button on the belt (pants, skirts) you can set the hook.
Hook pants holds a greater load than the button. Try to convince the customers and replace the button on the trigger.