Chinese attachment eyelets

English -  nozzle Turkey for grommet 10 mm (for comparison)  - Chinese nozzle for eyelets with a diameter of 15mm.


- same for grommet diameter 5 mm

The lower part of the Chinese nozzle suitable diameter (19mm) to press the TEC-1 and TEC-2, if you remove the bottom nut.


Rearranging the Turkish press under the Chinese nozzle:


Pre-remove the screw and remove the lower bushing.
Next, remove the stock, previously removing the guide pin from the left side.
Give the rod Turner together with Chinese nozzle, in a minute he cut the desired thread.

Set the rod up with a new thread, insert the pin. Turned out wonderful Turkish-Chinese press. 


Conclusion: For the Chinese nozzles it is necessary to have a second press.