Custom ring spring.


Another design masterpiece is a modification of the ring button.

Remove button is easy, it is important not to damage the fabric.

If there is a need to keep the inner part of the button to install it. The outer part of the button is hooked back side of the cutter, is a small deformation of the lower part of the button. Flip the product and on the reverse side and just snack the base of the button.

If you do not want to save the details button, you just had a snack it in two steps.

In any case, the fabric is not damaged.

Similarly parsed the front part of the button from the inside.

If You carefully disassembled buttons, they are ready to re-install. 
The inner diameter of the button 7.5 mm, None of the standard nozzles-not suitable punches. Great universal attachment for mounting buttons alpha ( see Installing and replacing s-spring)                            

The next type of buttons have now this kind.
The front part of the button on the two studs , the inner part of the button ring. The installation is made on a mechanical press using special nozzles are similar in design, with nozzles to install denim button on the dual cloves.


So look inside of the buttons installed at the clothes.

The setting buttons are not made very well. One of the parts was not able to install. As usual one nail broke.
But we always come to the rescue. Manufacturers think one of the advantages of this type of buttons that they do not rotate


around its axis. Other advantages, unfortunately, could not be found.

Similar design buttons, but a slightly different version:


Item buttons are not circular, i.e. without spring ring, and is a hexagon.

The lower part of the button is like this:

The main defect in the installation of such buttons is broken antennae double carnation.

To install these buttons do not require a special extension of punches.

Enough of nozzles for the media specified in the example above.

Another kind of buttons:

The front side of this modified ring button is installed in the nozzle plug.

The lower part of the button can be set using the top tips for alpha button (snap button) optionally placing any flat item.

Hello from the past.

These buttons were made in the Soviet times. But in Mexico there is one company producing these buttons.


Attention! Fresh appearance buttons!

A new combination of ring and shirt buttons. Used on outerwear (jackets, coats and so on)


This item is for setting a hidden (not visible) buttons:

Found on the clothes with the brand:

In this part instead of the traditional metal rings-springs installed insert of hardened plastic. Since this box does not have sufficient strength to many buttons there is no fixation, i.e., the button is just not locked in place.

Be careful when choosing products with similar buttons.

Installation no problem, apply the details of the nozzles to install spring-loaded buttons.