The scheme of installation of eyelets. Examples of installation of the grommet.


1. To punch a hole in the fabric.

2. To insert a block (part of the eyelet with a leg in the hole.

3. Put the fabric with the blocks on the lower part of the nozzle (facedown).

4. Put the ring on blocks (top fabric).

5. To razvalivat leg blocks pressure.                                                                   

Examples of installation of the grommet.

- Corsets

– to install on corset eyelets 28 markings made by the customer, the two-layer fabric is doubled.

Attachment No. 3 Turkey, eyelets diameter 5mm Greece

Punching holes with a diameter of 3.5 mm

Start installation of eyelets       

Half an hour and finished appearance and the view from the inside

In addition to the turret punch, having a maximum diameter of 4.5 mm for punching holes, it is desirable to have other punches of different diameters.

For example there was a need to set eyelets with a diameter of 10mm on the corset.

You can punch holes and a punch diameter of 4.5 mm, making several holes near,

but it takes more time.

Much more convenient to use the corresponding diameter punch

- Belts and straps

 - The most common type of orders - set eyelets in the women's waist belts made of cloth. Despite the fact that the markings made by the customer, check the distance between the eyelets. Standard spacing between eyelets equal to 2.5 - 3 see (both on the factory harness). Also check the location of the cue vertically.    Then we punch holes and set eyelets     5 mm diameter, nozzle No. 3, production of Turkey.

- Blouse

- Installation of eyelets 3 mm in diameter on a knitted product.

Previously the customer was conducted outreach about the need for duplication, insertion of grommets. The customer has considered the comments, the space for the installation of the grommet glued doubleroom on fabric (not knitted).

counting the required number of eyelets, for self-control . How many holes, so many eyelets. If there is one eyelet, meaning somewhere missed the hole. At the same time punching holes the minimum puncher  but it is better to pierce thick awl, in this case, not dissected fibers Jersey.

20 minutes of work and the order is ready  Installed 12 eyelets.


- Canvas curtains (canopy)

In the winter time, you often have to install grommets on the garage curtains (canopy).

Installation step (distance between eyelets) 15-20cm.

Usually this eyelet holes Ø18 mm I Have nozzle Chinese production, as well as eyelets.  and the same grommet.

When the hole punch I have long refused punches large diameter, mounted on the press.

Here is such.

When large volumes of work they quickly tupjatsja (especially on synthetic fabrics and tarpaulin), requires re-sharpening and accordingly decreases the performance.

Using the eyelet as template printable circle.

Vmesto adding 4 layers of fabric holes easier to punch turret punch, making the next few holes.

In places where only two or three layers of tarpaulin make a cut with scissors. So the process goes faster.

Try to cut out the square is a short cut, then turn the fabric at an angle of 90 degrees and make the second cut.

Ready  Holes worth doing a bit smaller diameter, and then cut the tips of the scissors. Because, if you make a mistake and cut out more than it is necessary, ....... Next, the routine operation of installation grommets

In what sequence to cut holes and install grommets decide for yourself, but it's convenient: hole + eyelet, etc. are Less likely to flip the shade (canopy), which already takes up a lot of space.

As a substrate for a hole punch, hand punch large diameter use a square stand thickness 2cm made of hard plastic. Serves faithfully for several years.

In a pinch you can use a piece of hardboard or wood, but they are deteriorating rapidly. The stand of rubber or linoleum should not apply, because they can penetrate and damage the countertop.

Do not use as a stand metal plate, otherwise it will quickly kill your punch. If there is a manual punch, but its diameter is smaller than the installed eyelet, then proceed as follows. With a pencil draw the diameter of the future hole, using the eyelet as a template. Then a large hand punch, make a few holes near, but the overall diameter not exceeding the diameter of the set eyelet.  (View from inside)-

Applications of eyelets:

The valve pockets jeans:

decorative bib:

-  shoes

- leather jeans:

- avtochehli:

- decorative belt for circus artists:

The eyelets are set not only on the metal rings, but also on plastic, 

as for the product from China.