Repair handbags.



Basically it is a replacement grommet in the mounting locations of the handles, as the material of the bag is stretched from excessive loads, the old grommet fall and have to replace them with a larger diameter. produced disassembly of eyelets from the inside.             

Instead of eyelet diameter 15 mm installed diameter 18 mm, that would not be reduced (repair) hole eyelet.

But often replace the grommets on the bag it is only 50% of the work, to do this you must remove the attaching hand grips, and then set them in place. In this case, handle bags are attached with screws. Disassembled, installed eyelet gathered pens again. Ready.

If the old grommets are mounted on the screws to remove them is not difficult.          l 

But it is sometimes necessary to remove the ring handles of the bag, otherwise the new grommets cannot be set.Proceed as follows: pre-wrapped ring bag in several layers of fabric, we clamp it in the vise.

Under the jaws of the pliers as enclosed fabric

 and pliers planted in the side of the joint ring

Remove the ring and set eyelets

Then in reverse order set ring handle bags.

Note: the ring is not decompresses, increasing the diameter and ethibel aside.

In other cases, the attachment of the handles of the bags disassemble it may be easier:

Screw mount

Disassembled, set eyelets, collected again.